The Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts accelerated degree program permits qualified students to take two MA-level English courses during the senior year, courses that will give them an appreciation for the critical dimensions, research, and rewards of graduate study.

How to Apply

The application is simple. English majors considering graduate studies in English may apply for admission to the BA/MA program as early as the fall semester of their junior year. After talking with the graduate director, candidates write a letter of application and secure two brief recommendations from the Department of English faculty with whom they have worked as majors. These materials go to the graduate director, who will respond before the April pre-registration period. Successful BA/MA students generally have a 3.5 average or better in their English courses.

After acceptance, the student uses a special permission number to pre-register for up to three graduate courses, usually one course per semester. These courses are taken along with regular undergraduate courses and are billed at the undergraduate tuition rate. The credits are double counted (i.e., they count as part of the 120 credits required for the BA and also count as part of the 30 credits required for the MA). Following the same registration procedure, the student registers for ONE graduate course to be taken in the spring semester of the senior year.

Applying to Graduate School

In the spring semester of the senior year, the student formally applies to the Graduate School, following all normal procedures. The requirement for the GRE is waived. The student is awarded the Baccalaureate degree. Having been formally admitted to the graduate school, the student may begin taking courses in either the summer or the fall after graduation. Upon entering graduate school, the student will have completed two of the courses required for the Master’s degree and will also have saved approximately $3200 in graduate tuition.

To learn more about the program, contact the graduate director, Dr. Shanyn Fiske at