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We R Arts and Sciences: Theresa Hrivnak

Who doesn’t love dessert?  It’s easy to gobble up the sweet treats that end the meal, but whipping up the goodies that everyone looks forward to takes hard work, dedication, and talent.  Just ask Rutgers University-Camden alumna Theresa Hrivnak, owner and head baker of Indulgence Cupcakery, located in Haddonfield, NJ.  Theresa has enjoyed much success, ... Read more ... Read more ...

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Our Mission

The overall mission of undergraduate studies in English at Rutgers-Camden is to prepare students for the complex, changing, and globalised world of the twenty-first century, by fostering in them the ability to:

  • critically interpret and analyze a wide range of  literary texts from various historical periods in the Anglo-American tradition as well as from other cultures;
  • develop the skills of textual analysis based on close reading and understanding of the formal, aesthetic, and rhetorical properties of a literary work;
  • situate a text in its historical-cultural contexts;
  • understand the major cultural, intellectual, and literary movements of the past and the ways in which they have shaped our present thinking;
  • communicate ideas cogently, articulately, and concisely in written, oral, visual, and digital presentations; 
  • understand, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, and apply various forms of knowledge and diverse perspectives;
  • attain competence in research skills and tools;
  • acquire a broad awareness of various critical theories and approaches;
  • think independently and creatively, while working with others of differing views.

These qualities and skills will prepare students thoroughly for their professional lives in a wide diversity of fields, as well as for the tasks of responsible citizenship and critical engagement with the larger world in its cultural, social, moral, and aesthetic dimensions.