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Rutgers-Camden Ranked #7 Among Master’s Universities

Washington Monthly ranked Rutgers University—Camden as the “Best Bang for Your Buck” among all NJ colleges and universities, ranked our campus 18th among all higher education institutions in the U.S., and 7th among all M.A. granting colleges.

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graduate program

THE GRADUATE PROGRAM IN ENGLISH at Rutgers University–Camden leads to the Master of Arts degree, with course offerings in English, American and other Anglophone literature and  literature in translation; rhetoric and composition, film and digital media; and linguistics.

All courses are small seminars or workshops in which students study with scholars and writers who are leaders in their field. The program is designed for students who seek qualification for admission to a doctoral program in English; for those who desire increased competence in English preparatory or supplementary to teaching in that field on the secondary school or community college level; for those who desire to hone professional writing skills; and for those who wish to pursue a liberal arts education at an advanced level.

The program offers three tracks which students may pursue based on their interests:

  • Literary Studies
  • Writing Studies
  • Childhood, Literature, and Culture.

The program also allows a student to gain teacher certification while working toward the Master’s degree. A sequence of courses is devised in consultation with the Teacher Preparation Program to prepare the student to enter the field of secondary school teaching upon graduation from the graduate program.

The program accommodates students whose outside obligations limit their hours of attendance or the number of courses they can complete each term. All classes meet in the early evening for the convenience of students with daytime employment.

Literary Studies Track

Students who pursue this four-course concentration explore a variety of literary genres across a broad range of cultures and historical periods. Courses include British and American literatures as well as other Anglophone literatures and global literatures in translation as well as courses in film and digital media. Special topics of study are widely available and range, for example, from literature of the environment, to child consciousness in the novel, to digital humanities and food studies. Courses specializing in literary criticism and theory offer further opportunities for analysis of literature. Critical writing and research are integral parts of the program; students also have the opportunity to take courses in professional and creative writing.  The M.A. in English with an emphasis in Literary Studies is an ideal choice for students planning to continue literary study at the doctoral level; students planning to teach (or who are currently teaching) English at the secondary or post-secondary level; students wishing to pursue professional careers in humanities-related fields; and students seeking a secure foundation for analytical reading and writing across a range of fields, including law and business.

Writing Studies Track

Students who choose this four-course concentration focus on the multiple ways that writing can be understood and approached as a teachable craft, a cognitive skill, a mode of communication, a situated social practice, and a persuasive and aesthetic art. Specific courses in the program approach writing from theoretical, practical and pedagogical dimensions (through offerings such as Discourse and Genre, History of Rhetoric, Theories of Composition, and Introduction to Writing Studies). Students also have the opportunity to take courses in professional and creative writing. Finally, working closely with a faculty sponsor, students may receive course credit through relevant field experience in writing-related activities. The M.A. in English with an emphasis in Writing Studies is an ideal choice for students seeking to develop their skills as writers in their professional careers; students planning to teach (or who are currently teaching) English at the secondary or post-secondary level; students considering doctoral programs in rhetoric and composition; and students seeking to understand the role of writing, and literacy in general, in cultural contexts. 

Childhood, Literature, and Culture Track

Students who choose this four-course concentration focus on reading, thinking, and writing critically about children and childhood in literature and culture. Students will be introduced to the field of children’s and adolescent literature as well as the representations of childhood, adolescence, kinship, and child development in literature and media. The study of childhood intersects with myriad fields, such as studies of gender, race, nation, queerness, disability, digital media, history, and literature. Studying literature for and about youth is particularly exciting because the genre both reproduces and challenges cultural traditions.  Working closely with a faculty sponsor, students may receive course credit through relevant field experience in childhood-related activities.

For further information, contact
Dr. Ellen Ledoux, Director of Graduate Program
(856) 225-6121 or (856) 225-2997
Department of English, Rutgers University–Camden
Armitage Hall, 311 N. 5th St., Camden, NJ 08l02


The following application materials are required of the candidate:

  • Transcript showing the completion of a B.A. degree
  • Three (3) letters of reference preferably from persons who have supervised the candidate’s academic work
  • Personal statement describing the candidate’s career goals and reasons for pursuing a Master’s degree
  • Graduate Record Examination scores (General Test only)
  • Writing sample of approximately 15-25 pages exhibiting a mastery of English prose style, research skills, and documentation methods

The priority deadline for receipt of application and supporting materials is February 1st for fall admission. The priority deadline is for students who wish to be considered for Teaching Assistantships. Students who do not wish to be considered for Teaching Assistantships may apply as late as July 1 for fall admission and December 15 for January admission. Applications are considered upon receipt.

Dual Degree (BA/MA) Program: A program available to Rutgers-Camden undergraduate English majors with overall GPA of 3.5 or above. Students apply by April 15 of their junior year (or, for proposed January graduates, by November 15 of the third semester before completing all course work). Two letters of recommendation are required. The program allows them to count six credits of graduate work in their senior year toward both the BA and MA. Contact the English Graduate Program Director for further details.

Non-Matriculated Admission

A limited number of non-matriculated (non-degree) students will be permitted to register each term. With the permission of the English Graduate Program Director, non-degree students may take one course per semester for a total of 12 credits before they must apply for admission to the program. A maximum of 12 credits taken as a non-degree student may be applied toward the Master’s degree if the student matriculates within five years. Application may be made at the Graduate Admissions Page.

Tuition and Fees

Application fee is found at the Admissions webpage:

Tuition and fees are found at the Financial Services webpage:

Teaching Assistantships

To be considered for a Teaching Assistantships, applicants should apply (see Admission section above) by the priority deadline of February 1st. Non-matriculated students are not eligible for consideration.

Compensation and duties attached to the appointment are governed by a contract negotiated between Rutgers University and the American Association of University Professors; it usually entails the teaching of two sections of undergraduate composition per term in return for a salary of approximately $19,000 per year, plus tuition remission and full medical benefits. Teaching Assistants normally carry a two-course load of study per semester.

To be re-appointed for a second year, Teaching Assistants must be in good academic standing in the graduate program, must be making satisfactory progress toward the Master’s degree, and must demonstrate effectiveness in the classroom as determined by student and faculty evaluations.

To apply for a Teaching Assistantship, notify via email the Graduate Director of your interest at the time of admission to the program. Interviews take place in the Spring term for appointments beginning the following Fall.

Teaching Certification

Students interested in teaching in elementary or secondary school may work simultaneously toward the Master’s degree in English and teaching certification.

In consultation with the Graduate English Program director and the Institute for Effective Education at Rutgers-Camden, students will determine those undergraduate and graduate courses needed to fulfill the Teacher Preparation Requirements in light of previous undergraduate and graduate coursework completed. A total of 30 credits in the subject area of English, including credits earned at the undergraduate level, is required; twelve of the thirty credits must be at the 300 level or higher. Courses taken in the Graduate English Program can be applied toward both certification content requirements and the MA degree, which also requires 30 credits of coursework. In addition, the requirements of the Teacher Preparation must be met. These requirements can be found at